Go Tours Canada: Taking Canadian History for a Segway PT Ride and Popping-Up in and Around Toronto

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Published on September 20, 2016

It is fair to say that the owners of Go Tours Canada are pioneers when it comes to eco-friendly tourism in Canada. Formerly known as Segway of Ontario, Go Tours Canada is an award-winning tour and event company that got onboard the Segway PT joyride long before Segway products were officially distributed in the country. As early as 2004, Go Tours Canada had guests riding on the first generation of Segway personal transporters down Gristmill Lane in Toronto’s privately owned Distillery District, located near Lake Ontario’s waterfront and the city’s bustling downtown area.

Having for playground the historical neighbourhood of brick-paved streets and Victorian buildings that once hosted the biggest whisky distillery in the world has allowed Go Tours Canada to set up shop in what is now one of Toronto’s most trendy destinations for cafés, art galleries and gourmet boutiques. As an early tenant, Go Tours Canada was also able to partner up with the Distillery District to swiftly organize walking and Segway PT tours around the pedestrian streets. And with that, their take-off was… electric!

For over a decade, Go Tours Canada’s merry band of guides have been conducting eco-friendly tours such as their 30-minute Classic Distillery Segway Spin and the full hour Segway Glide tour that culminates in tastings at the award-winning SOMA Chocolatemaker and the Mill St. Brewery, down on Tank House Lane. And with a tour title such as The World’s Least Scary Ghost Tour, Go Tours Canada’s gleeful trademark bubbles up in a mix of original content, practical format and new technology that has guests coming back. “With more than 40,000 tours sold in the past ten years, Go Tours Canada is one of the best run tourism company in Canada. They are perfectionists, caring and true pioneers for Segway PT’s,” says Jean-Marc Blais, Executive Vice President for Segway Canada.

Thinking outside the box while staying at the forefront of trends is also an integral part of Go Tours Canada. “We have a drive to stay leaders in Canada’s competitive tourism industry,” says Aaron Binder, Go Tours Canada’s Chief Fun Officer. Hence, since 2008, the company offers thrill-seekers pop-up trail tours onboard off roads x2 Segway PTs in Horseshoe Ski Resort in Barrie, Ontario. “To be successful with Segway tours you have to constantly be evolving and innovating; you have to find new ways to deliver the tours because it’s a niche market,” furthers Aaron. “You have to diversify with pop up tours and walking tours but you also need great partners, managers and certainly great employees.”

Hopping on rapid-paced growth, Go Tours Canada has broadened its portfolio extensively in 2016. And its latest offering is quite the exclusive affair: how about an after hour Segway PT tour at the Toronto Zoo? Exploring the African Savanna portion of the zoo before dusk, guests enjoy a Segway ride with a zoo guide just for themselves. 

With such tours as The Prohibition and Whisky History tour and the award-winning Booze, Death and Cholera tour, Go Tours Canada brings bite to Canada’s sometime unsavoury but always interesting history. Delivered with humour and entertainment to the delight of tourists and locals alike, the content also provides depth that addresses the subtle layers of Canadian culture. Furthering this path, the company is launching this fall a walking tour that will take participants through Women and First Nation History and some of Canada’s greatest struggles.

New media is also at the forefront of the revamped company. “We are one of the first tour companies on Earth to delve into 360 video and virtual reality production,” says Aaron. Rendezvous at their Instagram page to get a glimpse of all the behind-the-tours action. With this much going on, it’s no wonder Go Tours Canada has been a Tripadvisor favourite for all these years.

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About Go Tours Canada
Go Tours Canada (formerly Segway of Ontario) is a 2013-16 Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence winner, has been featured in over 300 media publications from across the globe, and won the prestigious "Tourism Champion of the Year" award from Attractions Ontario in 2014. The company currently operates in Toronto's Distillery District 7 days a week, almost 365 days a year, at Horseshoe Resort near Barrie between May-October and offers pop-up tours during the Summer at the Toronto Zoo. For more information, contact Aaron Binder at or 416-642-0008.

About Segway Canada

Segway Canada is the official distributor of Segway and Ninebot products in Canada. Segway Canada also oversees all Authorized Segway PT Tours and Dealers in Canada. Segway’s Personal Transporters are practical, fun to ride and always safe for the environment. Today there are more than 700 Segway PT tours offered around the world.