Tall Ship Adventures Launches New Segway Tours in Brockville, The City of 1000 Islands

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Published on September 7, 2016

Located in Eastern Canada’s famous Thousand Islands region, Brockville is an historical town spirited with modern energy. This summer, Tall Ship Adventures is bringing a new activity to the growing community of tourists visiting the area by launching exclusive Segway tours.

Local entrepreneur Michael Adamcryck and three business partners have found in Segway the perfect vehicle to help tourists and locals alike discover Brockville. “We were looking for an eco-friendly activity that would highlight the beauty of the St. Lawrence River and the many landmarks we have here in Brockville,” explains Michael. “Segway Personal Transporters provide a unique way to get around and to cover the locations in our tour book. Plus, we quickly realized that there were no other Segway Canada tours offered in a 100-mile radius, which gives us the exclusivity.” The partners found equally useful the fact that, with the support of their municipality, they could use the existing paths and sidewalks around Brockville to form the circuit for their new Segway tours.

Tall Ship Adventures, which has an Internet presence through its Facebook page, has recently gotten a brand new fleet of Segway vehicles to launch their tours. “In August, we delivered twelve Segway i2 Personal Transporters to Brockville,” explains Jean-Marc Blais, Executive Vice President for Segway Canada. “The i2 Segway models are ideal for city tours as they make riding easy on paved streets, sidewalks and uneven terrains such as park paths.”

Lead by a local guide, the small-group tours organized by Tall Ship Adventures have been designed to help guests discover must-see attractions along the Brock Trail, the Blockhouse Island and the city’s sidewalks. “The goal is to provide an overview of our cultural, historical and natural offerings,” explains Michael. Stops include the historical Blockhouse Island where guests can get a glimpse at the Fair Jeanne ship, this historical Brockville’s Art Centre, which sound system has for equal non other than Celine Dion’s Las Vegas system, the 200 years-old Beecher House, home of the Brockville Museum, and the Grist Mill dating back to 1784. In addition, guests get to ride through the oldest railway tunnel in Canada, and through Brockville’s Yacht Club and Hardy Park.

Vacationers ready to sightsee Brockville onboard a Segway Personal Transporter will receive a Segway Canada-approved training in a dedicated space near the Tall Ships Landing Coastal Resort, South Coast of Canada’s premier waterfront attraction offering luxury lodging, marina activities and fine dining. “We work through a multi-step training process. First our riders watch a 10-minute instructional video, then we move directly to the Segway and learn how to get on and off and how the vehicle moves in a controlled environment. We then progress to a small slalom course.  At this point we judge if the riders are ready to go. If they are, they get a “Segway Driving Certificate” prior to embarking on our tours, which are designed to add skills through the first few kilometres. The vast majority of our riders are comfortable very quickly,” says Michael.

To get the municipality and the Province of Ontario to green light their Segway tour project, Michael and his partners submitted a detailed business case bringing emphasis to their tourism business plan, the mitigation of risks and the economic benefits for the city of Brockville. They first worked with Mr. Dave Paul, Brockville’s Economic Development Manager, before moving through approval from the Finance and Administrative Committee and ultimately City Council.

Upon receiving the municipality’s approval, Tall Ships Adventures wasted no time in getting their crew ready. “Our tour guides have several hours of on-Segway training along with lessons in local market knowledge. We have also trained them in customer service skills,” says Michael, who goes on explaining how this investment in human resources goes beyond the immediate Segway tour. “We have local people investing relatively large amount of money in the local economy creating jobs and providing tourism activities. With plans of being in operation seven days a week, we are providing employment not only for the youth but also to the entire community through a trickle-down effect on the tourism sector, such as attendance in restaurants and hotels. We know that if people spend six hours in a location there’s a great chance they will stay overnight. Our Segway tours contribute in adding at least one hour to a tourist’s stay in Brockville.”


Tall Ships Adventures will be offering Segway Canada Tours every weekend after Labour Day.

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