I2 SE Patroller

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To See and To Be Seen

The Segway PT i2 SE Patroller is specifically designed for patrolling applications such as law enforcement, private security and emergency services. As a force multiplier the i2 SE Patroller provides greater height and autonomy for better visibility and time of response. Studies also show that the i2 SE Patroller allows officers to have a positive presence in their community.

The i2 SE Patroller comes equipped with upper and lower reflective shields, integrated lighting system, cargo frames and comfort mats to optimize the rider’s comfort. It offers the ultimate maneuverability and, with our unique “charge anywhere” technology, nearly unlimited range.


  • // Weight: 48 kg / 105 lbs
  • // Wheel diameter: 48 cm / 19 po
  • // Speed: 20 km/h / 12.5 mi/h
  • // Range: 38 km / 24 mi
  • // Maximal charge: 117 kg / 260 lbs
  • // Colors: Black anodized
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“The Segway Patroller series is the world’s #1 transportation solution for the public safety market.  ”

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